Saturday, January 7, 2012


Youtube, great platform, im on it at least an hour a day.
I mean you can find practically everything there, music, people who make their own shows, everybody puts their shit on youtube.
But this is just a quick shoutout for a song that still didnt reach more than 600k views.
This is a song that will sound familiar to most of you out there.
To be short; its a song about his experiences in his childhood that most kids around those age will have, all these human insecurities, and basic instinct put into a song is just great.
This guy needs more recognition. 
And i believe this song deserves rather 6million views than just 600k.
So check it out and comment below what you think of it!


  1. pretty nice song but i didn't understand half the post ^^

  2. yeah ill edit it had to post it quick :P

  3. Wow I actually really like this
    You're right about how many views it deserves :)
    Thanks for sharing

  4. nice video, pretty lyrical

    + followed

  5. Youtube is pretty good sometimes i don't know what i would do without it. Also nice blog.

  6. nice choice in music. will continue to follow as long as u keep posting those songs :D

  7. glad people can find good stuff through all the bs thats on youtube :D

  8. I loved it. Followed.

  9. I'm glad I followed. Top stuff!