Sunday, January 15, 2012

Storage wars.

Yes, yet another american tv show.
Im starting to think i could remove movies and games from my title, but i have some stuff coming up for that aswell!
Storage wars is about a group of people who buy up abandoned storage lockers to see whats inside and sell all the shit they find to turn a profit.
They usually have 5 minutes to look at the locker, but they cant step inside, so in a way its a gamble if you buy one of these lockers, then again if you know your shit, you can eliminate the "being lucky" part.

A pile of crap or money?

Ofcourse to make the show a bit more entertaining they have created characters for the people starring this show, which might make it a little over the top at times, but i personally dont have any problems with that.
The cool thing about this show is that they come across literally everything.
From clothes, jewelery, vending machines, everything will pass by this show, and ofcourse there is the old collectable stuff, its nice to hear a little history on certain items and in the end see what its worth.
In the end its just an awesome way to make money by going to someone else their shit and sell that off, which makes it really fun to watch this show.
There's really not much more to tell about this show, its an easy to watch show when u dont have anything to do and dont wanna leave ur couch!

Imdb: Rating: 7.3/10 - 889 votes
Comedy? Yes there are some funny moments in this show, but thats it

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  1. I LOVE this show. The characters are so perfect you can't believe it's a reality show. There's the super unlikeable Dave and the very likeable Barry and even the gorgeous Brandi. Great show, following you now!

  2. I must agree Cranky ;)
    Very nice show!

  3. Some of the people on that show get really pissed off!

  4. There's never any telling what you'll find in someone's storage...

  5. this show is strangely addicting. It also helps that you can watch an episode in about 14 minutes if you skip all over the repeated commercial lead-in stuff

  6. I've never seen this, but word is it's one of my father's favorite shows. If I'm going to watch reality TV, I usually get hooked on repeats of Real Housewives.

  7. My girlfriend and I watch this show all the time. It can be really funny at times!

  8. Me and reality tv don't mix, hate it. If I want reality I'll cut the screen out of my tv and stare through it..haha

  9. You were paid for this post? :P

  10. Seems interesting. Cool blog. +Following!

  11. I'll be sure to watch this! Great post :)

  12. It's okay, albeit pretty cheesy (then again, what reality show isn't)? Also it tends to get old, fast.

  13. Looks like the kinda show I'd watch while playing computer games, might check it out!

  14. I don't think Storage Wars would be available here, though it makes little difference cause I don't really remember when I last turned on the TV to watch a show.