Sunday, January 29, 2012

Its been a while..

It's been a while since i've posted a blog. I've been looking for a job quite some time, and ive finally found one thats decent enough to get out of bed for, its still a shit job but its not on the diarrhea level my other job was. Ofcourse i cant give any companynames cos ill get dickslapped by the big corporate cock, but alls i have to do is call people up and ask them if they wanna extend their contract and give them a new phone. So most of the people are happy they'll get a new phone and shit, so its not only depressive people! But that is pretty much why i didnt wrote any blogs the past 2weeks, ill pick it up again and try to post some mindfood.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Breakup with cookie cocaine

So this guy is a writer, so im just saying the style of the blog is gonna be a bit different.
He's already whining about my grammer so lets start.
At the moment he is in a spiral of negativity.
Hes gonna try to explain whats wrong with him;

Chris: Okay here's the jist of it; I'm babbling in the void. I'm strung out. Fucked up. Fucked out. My dick hasn't been sucked up for about six month's. SIX MONTH'S. Basically i'm depressed. 

Im supposed to be dr phil right now wich im not, im just a stoned teenager (im 20) tryin to give some advice.

Chris: Fuck dr. Phill. I don't need Dr. Phill. Nobody needs Dr. Phill except for whiney empty airheaded suburban bitches. I need love. A friend. A compadre. A fucking homey. You are slipping away. Madddoging the world by yourself. As so you should. Get out there and fuck the world. Fuck  your girlfriend. Marry here. Fuck her after you marry her. Fuck her in America. Fuck her when your old. When you're an old man wasted by time. Get babbies. Fuck a lot and get babbies. Yeah baby! I'm all manic and babbling. Babbling in the void yes sirree. Is that joint already dead?

Yes that joint is already barried, up in smoke so to say. And yes both me and chris are the stereotype stoners who feel that were better than 90% of the people out there, get over it already.
And ive never said i wanted babbies, ill adopt some african 12 year old dye his hair red and tell everyone its my son.So no babies for me, but chris what are you trying to say? 

Well no i'm thinking you should pay me for this gig. I'm giving you literary gold here motherfucker. Pay this bitch. 

Funny your calling yourself a bitch.
But ehm, you wanted to talk about it so quit ur bitching, and dont even think about keep that 20bucks u owe me.

Here we go with the twenty bucks shit. Keep reminding a broke ass nigga. I'm depressed. I need to spend money on myself. I'm a writer. I deserve money...

Fuck you your the one trying to make me pay you for this shit, even after i loan u money.
That said there's no book out there yet, were both just stoney teenagers wich are a little older than that, but fuck facing reality right now, u just need to earn your money, get some burgers going....

You rotten bastard i'm the one flipping bugers! Do you know how much it costs to get high as shit everyday? A lot more than twenty bucks a week. Have some respect for the old boy. You know i'm good for it. Soon i will be known. Ill make fat stacks of cash. I'll be doing coke lines on expensive strippers while you are sucking cock for blow. IBut sadly until that day when i can pay you to suck my cock I have to get all money I ccan, to feel better about myself. To do the drugs to feel better about myself. So fuck you. 

Its a simple sum thought, how much burgers do u flip for 1euro. That times 20 and u got ur fix.
I know ur good for it uhuh, i can drop a name and u know what im talking about, even this would be enough to let you know, so im good for it, i believe in u staying sober for 1 day :)
And me sucking cock? ur the one doing the blow...

COCAINE. I havent done enough cocaine man! CRASH! BOING! fucking reality crashing in... Do we have  any more weed left. Wait is that a fucking joint your lighting up there? You goddamn bastard. Give me that joint!!!!!!

And there we toss, here i am again.
No crash or boing here, everything is chill, im just waiting for you to start talking some non bullshit.
We were supposed to know by know why ur feeling depressed, you immediately started talking about cocaine, might that be a hint /

First off, why did you eat all the cookies? I feel like a cokee right now. Cokee-cocaine. That's a good tittle for this blog. Wait.... I'm rambling again. COKEE-COCAINE. 

Stop talking this bullshit and start cracking chrissy whissy

What the humungous fuck is 'Chris whissy'? 

Jesus dude can you quit already, you even remember the title of this blog ? 'Friend of mine broke up with his Fiancee' now for fuck sake what are you talking about. Get real motherfucker!

Get real. Get stoned. Get fucked. Get a job. Get a life. Rip of Trainspotting. I don't know what I'm doing anymore. It's all too hazy to know what's up. I just want what I lost back. If I can't have that. I'll have the cokee-cocaine. 

Done the first 3 so im more than halfway, not bad right, lets just hope people pick up on the reference.
But she broke up with you, you know its not gonna happen, you know what kind of person she is, you know her better than most people out there id say.I think you should stop clamping on to her, get some other cute girls in your life.

So that's the solution? Fuck a cute girl. Try to hold on to that shit for life and hope she won't leave? Hope the cutesness wont evolve into a nasty ass-fuck. It's all about that gaping hole of a cunt you need to fall into. Fall forever and hope you are right. Hope the hole is big enough for you to fall into before you die. What does it matter? What does anything better? People slip away. Nobody stays. No cunt is big enouhg... 

Do you even like pussy, your comparing it to a blackhole in the fucking universe basically, thats the fucking graveyard of the universe haha shit dude....
No but i get what your sayin, if you fuck a girl you fall in love, ull spend everything on it, and then ur being dumped into a cold lake, but if you get out before the lake part u might dodge the sucking effect of a blackhole.

The big cunt is a black hole. Love is a black hole. You just basically confirmed to me why my depression, melancholy, despondency or whatever fucking you want to call this state of blue, why I should be feeling this way. Nobody stays. Get out. Hope someone pulls you before it happens. Get hit by a truck. Get a heart-attack. Fuck yourself to death. Get out before love leaves you. Nothing lasts forever.... What the fuck is the point then? 

I might have said it in diffrent ways that you didnt pick up on right, or i expressed it the wrong way, but im glad you got it now. And you wont be getting an hard attack, she would be the one dying, and youll be hitting it till its dry!

It's all a big commercial. Come out and get a job. Be usefull to society. Get a diploma and make motherfuckers rich. Make yourself rich. You can be because the big cunt's are waiting for you. THE BIG CUNTS ARE WAITING FOR YOU! You again also have not even attempted to exlaim any point of life and maybe you don't know either. Maybe your as clueless as me. Who says I'm not seeing things clearly? Who says that you're not the one full of proper shit? 

Survival of the fittest, whatever you gonna call it, its always you against society, live your life the way they plan it out for you.Dont go offroad there, dangerous area, full of big cunts.
My philosophy on life, is just do what makes you happy, long term short term, just be happy with what you are doing, ofcourse there are tough times, but those make the good times even better, you gotta bring some negativity to get positivity.

So that's your goddamn advice? It's A. Get a big BIG JUICY CUNT. B. Be a punk bitch against society. C. Just do whatever makes you feel happy- you fucking cheesy bastard, D. The bad times make the good times sweeter. Seriously? That all you got? Oh wait, you are engaged, you have prospects, you have a big juicy cunt and all of that makes it easier for you to be pursuaded by all this clap-trap. This horse-ass of a philosophy. You might be right. I don't know. But I think you can do better. Much better on the terms of philosophy. AS for happiness.... No fucking idea mate. No fucking idea...

Good idea, lets sum it up to keep it easy ahum..
A. I said get what you want, if that a juicy cunt im fine with it.
B.Thats only if society makes u depressed or not happy, if ur not happy about it, change it.
C.Cheesy ok, but whats wrong with being happy, seems pretty important to give u strentgh for other shit.
D.All i got? No just all we need thats all.
E. wait there isnt
Well it seems like you have a diffrent state of mind about it.Tell us about it and let the philosophy flow.

 Of course i'm in a different state of mind. I'm goddamn depressed. I'm depressed because that sweet juicy cunt left me. She doesn't love me anymore. SHe's now banging a fucking Englishmen. Getting proper cock of an Englishman. ANd I miss her. I might write like a bastard, i might use a lot of dirty words, but this profane bastard is heartbroken. This bastard sees you having all I wanted, you even have the American cute girlfriend with it. You have the shit. I don't. I dont have shit. Or not the shit I want. My philosophy now? I don't know. I just chase the words. I'm trying to be happy but I'm making an ass of myself as I'm trying. I don't see the point sometimes. I don't see the point and I want to go away sometimes. This doesn't seem worthy if this is how it is. If it get's as confusing, as painful as fucked up as this, what in the name of sweet Jesus Christ is the fucking point?

Ok the jealous part is clear to me i get that, i understand it hurts so im sorry for that yet that is all i can do.And im afraid i cant help you with the whole ex fiancee situation neither, id be a listening ear, i would help you kill the englishman. But i dont think that would do much good either.No what i think you should do is focus on the parts that do make you happy, its probably gonna be less satisfying than getting married but you will do better for now.

You can't help. It's all fucked and nobody can help. Life is all fucked and everybody just has to take it. Nothing can be done about this. Ride it out. Live life. Maybe it's going to be okay. Maybe it's going to be okay but don't bet on it. Just try your best. And while I'm killing the Englishman would make me happy for a moment, nothing will change. It would still be fucked between us.... 
I'm survive this. i guess. Maybe i know i have to. But as you get the life I wanted, take care of it. I'm sorry for being jealous and I can't fault you for being happy. I'm as pathethic as the next miserable bastard. Fuck it. Just don't forget about me while you are there. Don't forget what's out there... I need a smoke. THe words are sinking away. Say something beautiful at the end my friend. Say something beautiful to all the people who are reading this. All the people that know what you and I are talking about. All the miserable bastards out there. All the people that wanted love but didn't get it. All the people that lost it. Lost life. Lost love. Lost themselves. Tell them something beautiful Tell them why they should live a little longer...

Instead of focussing on the good things, you do this, you keep on reliving the moment.
And that it probably your way of dealing with it, yet its not doing you much good at the moment, you just have to get used to being on your own again not having her on your side, in you arms waking up besides you, cleaning your kitchen when you dont want to. im glad though that you realise killing him isnt the solution, at least you are past that stage.Ive thought a long time if i should have told you she has a new boyfriend, i thought it would hurt you even more. I didnt want that, thats why i didnt say it at first, i had to rethink what i should do with the information i had, being drunk on new years, i thought you had the right to know and i told you, maybe i shouldnt, i know it hurted you, but i really thought you had to know, did you want me to keep it a secret? thats the question i asked myself, and i know you always want to know the truth so there it was. 4am on new years.You dont have to be afraid of me not talking to you or whatever, im like some fuckedup decease you wont get rid off.You might feel jealous sad angry and whatnot, but any other person in your shoes would have done the same. Well for the shoutout to all the people out there, they will find the words im about to say standard cheesy shit or whatever, but as u said, i dont give a fuck. but i truly believe that whatever people do as long as they do what makes them happy they will reach there goal, remember who you are, dont lose your identity and stay true to the people you love, having a positive attitude like that can only be helpful to all your other problem.Everybody should live a little longer because they havent experienced it all, you might thought you had ultimate happiness but there's more to life than what we have seen.

And with that; I know I'm not babbling in the void no more. I tell Erik I'm putting a positive spin on my last words. He says I don't have to. He says get real with the shit. I try. Maybe I didn't try hard enough. Maybe I can't, too depressed or too stoned I don't know. But I'm not babbling in the no more. Not now as I'm sitting here. And there's still some weed left and this motherfucker isn't going anywhere tonight. He's still here. Listening to my bullshit. That's a good spin to end it on I think. Isn't it?

Thats what im here for, thats why people are ready this blog, so thanks for the good ending, we'll probably hear more of you on this blog sometime, till then i wanna thank everybody who read it this far, and feel free to share you thoughts in the comments below we'd love to hear what u think, my apologies if the grammar is a bit fucked here and there, but so are we.
Goodnight everyone

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Storage wars.

Yes, yet another american tv show.
Im starting to think i could remove movies and games from my title, but i have some stuff coming up for that aswell!
Storage wars is about a group of people who buy up abandoned storage lockers to see whats inside and sell all the shit they find to turn a profit.
They usually have 5 minutes to look at the locker, but they cant step inside, so in a way its a gamble if you buy one of these lockers, then again if you know your shit, you can eliminate the "being lucky" part.

A pile of crap or money?

Ofcourse to make the show a bit more entertaining they have created characters for the people starring this show, which might make it a little over the top at times, but i personally dont have any problems with that.
The cool thing about this show is that they come across literally everything.
From clothes, jewelery, vending machines, everything will pass by this show, and ofcourse there is the old collectable stuff, its nice to hear a little history on certain items and in the end see what its worth.
In the end its just an awesome way to make money by going to someone else their shit and sell that off, which makes it really fun to watch this show.
There's really not much more to tell about this show, its an easy to watch show when u dont have anything to do and dont wanna leave ur couch!

Imdb: Rating: 7.3/10 - 889 votes
Comedy? Yes there are some funny moments in this show, but thats it

Click to go to official website.

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Friday, January 13, 2012

American guns

American guns

For everyone who likes the smell of gunpowder in the air.
Well for all you people out there who like this, this is a show called american guns.
Its a show by Discoverychannel about a gunstore called "Gunsmoke" in the state of colorado in what you already suspected the US of A.
Ok this show might look a bit cheesy with even mom and daughter being basically sold for better viewingrates BUT THERE IS MORE.

What? You want more? Well.... alrightt

But thats not the only reason to watch this show.
I mean its a nice "extra" to the show, id be surprised if there wasnt a special tit compilation in the dvd extra's.
U can be sure while watching this show your getting your daily recommended amount of tits but enough about that.
As i said, there a little more to the show that just that;
This show is mostly about the projects the store does, from custom 50cal barrets to even pink 1911's (here i told you they sold their soul)
Youll see all kinds of shit going down in this show.
Custom guns, you see a lot of special guns, enough shooting a little over the top with the gastanks all the time but what the heck.
It being a show by discovery channel youll get enough insight in what they exactly do while making custom guns but thats about it.
Just a nice show for on the side if u like guns and whatnot.

Rating: 5.5/10 - 86 votes
Comedy? Certain stuff in this show might make u laugh, but it wasnt their intention.
Number of Seasons: 1

Click to go to Gunsmoke website.

Show By Discovery Channel

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Thursday, January 12, 2012

The layover.

For everybody who likes to travel, eat lots of food and have loads of great humor added to the equation should definitely watch this show because it contains all three of them!
This show presented by Anthony Bourdain (yes yes no reservations is a good show as well) is mainly about how you should properly kill your time when your laid over in a certain city.
He usually has about 30 hours to do whatever he wants, he will show you good hotels to stay the night, bars to have a drink, and ofcourse the great restaurants, what did u think, its Anthony Bourdain....
Its just an really easy fun show to watch if you wanna see a little more than your hometown, and i think Anthony represents this in a great way because even though he's upperclass he still looks at it from a normal point of view, which i think is the best way to get your show across.
They show u nice little bits of the city which really gives u the feeling your there.

Here's a little extra info on the show.

Imdb: Rating: 8.6/10 - 34 votes
Comedy? Hells Yes! Anthony Bourdain has a great sense of humor and hes not afraid to use it!
Number of Seasons: 1
There's no storyline to the show so if you want to see a specific city you can just go ahead and watch that, list of cities he went to below:
Episode 1 Singapore
Episode 2 New York
Episode 3 Rome
Episode 4 Miami
Episode 5 Hong Kong
Episode 6 Montreal
Episode 7 Amsterdam
Episode 8 San Francisco

Click on the image above to go to the official website.
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Monday, January 9, 2012

Top 5 Tv Shows

Usually i have these little projects i do.
And they end up being half done or i just forget about it.
Well my new project; this blogging, i wanted to do it diffrent, i want to at least make 1 post a day and for today i hardly have two hours left to do this so i need to rush, i was very busy today so i had to come up with something quick, and whats better than a cheesy top 5 post.
But first please check out my girlfriends blog by Clicking here, she blogs about her travelling and all the food building she comes across Very cool blog ! Please give her a comment or follow her, she would greatly appreciate that and do the same for you, thanks people !
The first thing i think about when i think about a tv show is The Sopranos, i made a post about it before, theres more information about the show there.

1 The Sopranos
Imdb: Rating: 9.3/10 - 52,938 votes
Comedy? There are definitely some hilarious moments in this show, but thats not the main priority of this show, but the parts that are ment to be funny really are!
So what's it about?
An american show about the italian-american mafiafamily called "Soprano"
Theres a lot of stuff going on in this show, the characters are great in this show.
The Sopranos for me really is a show that takes me away into another world wich is the best thing a show can do, one thing they do really well as mentioned above are the characters, you sometimes feel sad for these people even though they are gangsters and hit you with a phone when you do something wrong.

2 Breaking Bad  

Imdb: Rating: 9.4/10 - 51,507 votes 
Comedy? Pretty much the same as i said for The Sopranos, but there's more comedy in this show than in the sopranos and its guaranteed for some good laughs.
So what's it about?
An american show about an average man who gets cancer wich due to his lowpaying job needs to find another way to provide for his family, how ? COOK METH! BLUE METH
Ofcourse this isnt an easy job, especially if your not some big mexican druglord, Walther and his buddy will come across many bumps in their path and will fix those in their own way.

3 Californication  

Imdb: Rating: 8.4/10 - 25,023 votes 
Comedy?  Yes this show is packed with funny moments!
So what's it about?
Yet another american show, about a writer who cant figure out what he wants, he used to have the love of his life until he cheated, from that time on he taps every pussy he can find in Cali but still wants to get back with his ex.

4 Shameless

Imdb: Rating: 8.4/10 - 3,627 votes
Comedy? Definitely, this is a crazy show with lots of crazy funny shit!

So what's it about?
As u might have guessed; an american show, what a surprise.
The reason this show is on the 4th place is because there's only one full season out yet, the second season is airing as we speak, the show is about a dysfunctional family in chicago with an alcoholic dad, and ofcourse because they hardly have any jobs they need to find diffrent ways of getting money.
There's way more to the show, but im trying to keep it short plus i dont want to spoil to much because every episode is pretty random and i cant tell much about it without spoiling the whole show.

5 Weeds 

Rating: 8.0/10 - 14,237 votes
Comedy? Yes yes yes, youll have a laugh watching this show, even though some jokes might not be understood by nonsmokers, youll still have fun watching this!
So what's it about?
Yes yes yes american show who cares anymore, i mean im from holland and the shows over here are shit shit shit, i dont understand french or spanish and british humor usually isnt my cup of tea so what else am i to do.
Anyway this show is about a pot dealing mom in the city of agrestic and uhm yeah that pretty much sums it up, a pot dealing mom on its own is enough to make a whole show, even though they have tried that for too long because the quality of the show went down after season 5 but ofcourse thats my opinion, it would have been listed higher if they stopped airing after season 4.

                                         William H Macy as Frank in Shameless

Sunday, January 8, 2012

California Lovee

 Finally January 8th!
Ok this might not include Dr Dre and not snoopdogg either like the title might have suggested.
But David Duchovny as Hank Moody greatly makes up for that!
Ofcourse the people that have seen the show know what im talking about; yes Californication.
Yes Jan 8th releasedate of Season 5.
Yes ive watched it.
Yes it was awesome.
Yes it had a lame cliffhanger at the end.
Ill try to spoil least as possible, unfortunately we didnt get to see much about hank being in new york, wich is to bad cos i love the atmosphere of new york and in my opinion they could have at least made one episode with moody being in new york, but that didnt happen hank got a phonecall from his agent Runcle to come back to Cali because he got some business offer for hank, hank being always broke bites on it and will return to Cali, all this happend in the first 5 minutes of the show.
Despite that, it was a good episode, i mean we already spended 4 seasons in Cali and i loved every single bit of it.
The thing that kind of confused me in the beginning was that everything is fast forwarded 2 years.
Everybody who didnt see this show yet i command you to watch it.
Dont start at season 5, start nicely at the beginning of season 1 as this show maintains constant quality.
Ill be doing a little story about every episode, just throwing my thoughts out there.
Theres not much happening in episode one yet wich was to be expected so i hope i got more to tell in the following episodes.

                                            Hank Fucking Moody

Saturday, January 7, 2012


Youtube, great platform, im on it at least an hour a day.
I mean you can find practically everything there, music, people who make their own shows, everybody puts their shit on youtube.
But this is just a quick shoutout for a song that still didnt reach more than 600k views.
This is a song that will sound familiar to most of you out there.
To be short; its a song about his experiences in his childhood that most kids around those age will have, all these human insecurities, and basic instinct put into a song is just great.
This guy needs more recognition. 
And i believe this song deserves rather 6million views than just 600k.
So check it out and comment below what you think of it!

Friday, January 6, 2012

The sopranos

Cos sopranos kicks your ass.

Ill be putting here what i like about this show and what intrests me.
First time i saw this show was about 2 years ago.
Ive watched all 6 seasons about 3 times.
Youd think it gets boring but every time you rewatch the show you notice some new details.
Basically the show is about a gangsterfamily in new jersey around the 90's
The thing i love about this show even though you need to pay some attention to follow the storyline you can still lay back in your chair and have a beer :)

                                  Paulie Walnuts & Tony Soprano

Tony Soprano

Tony Soprano, also called Tone is the main character in this show.
He becomes after a stretch of break downs for junior(we'll get back on that later) the don of the family.
Hes a well played character, and ofcourse because he is the boss, he has an attitude and Tony's is bigger than you have ever seen.
Ofcourse he has the standard"insult me ill break your face attitude" but there is way more going on with this guy.
Ofcourse i cant get into it to much as i would spoil it for the people who didnt see the show yet.
What i can say though is that he needs a psychiatrist, as the risks of the business are taking its toll.

                                          Dominic Chianese as Junior Soprano

Junior Soprano

June, Tony's uncle even though hes not really one of the big characters in this show i already mentioned him above and he is of significant importance to the storyline.
Junior used to run the family, but he got olders, and you know what happens when you get older, you start to forget shit, important shit due to the fact he was getting older it way time for him to make way and let the next generation handle the soprano family. 

                                Steven van Zandt as Sylvio Dante

Sylvio Dante

Also called Sil or Syl is Tony's righthand or as they call it "The Consigliere"
His job is to make sure that Tony doesnt make the wrong choises, wich can lead to pretty hilarious scenes as Tony isnt the easiest person to deal with.  As a character Sil looks to be more on the sane side of the family even though there is enough sick shit going on in his life, but thats not because of Sil but the business, and if your in that business you know that shit will go down.
Shit im not gonna get into because ill spoil and i dont like to spoil, i hate people who spoil.
Bottomline: Im not gonna spoil, maybe a little bit thats not important to the storyline and wont affect the way you watch the show.
Lets just say the shit people get up to in this show doesnt always meet the light!
So if you hear me talking about "shit"  in this blog you know what im talking about; dark messedup stuff thats not to be seen to any outsiders.