Monday, January 9, 2012

Top 5 Tv Shows

Usually i have these little projects i do.
And they end up being half done or i just forget about it.
Well my new project; this blogging, i wanted to do it diffrent, i want to at least make 1 post a day and for today i hardly have two hours left to do this so i need to rush, i was very busy today so i had to come up with something quick, and whats better than a cheesy top 5 post.
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The first thing i think about when i think about a tv show is The Sopranos, i made a post about it before, theres more information about the show there.

1 The Sopranos
Imdb: Rating: 9.3/10 - 52,938 votes
Comedy? There are definitely some hilarious moments in this show, but thats not the main priority of this show, but the parts that are ment to be funny really are!
So what's it about?
An american show about the italian-american mafiafamily called "Soprano"
Theres a lot of stuff going on in this show, the characters are great in this show.
The Sopranos for me really is a show that takes me away into another world wich is the best thing a show can do, one thing they do really well as mentioned above are the characters, you sometimes feel sad for these people even though they are gangsters and hit you with a phone when you do something wrong.

2 Breaking Bad  

Imdb: Rating: 9.4/10 - 51,507 votes 
Comedy? Pretty much the same as i said for The Sopranos, but there's more comedy in this show than in the sopranos and its guaranteed for some good laughs.
So what's it about?
An american show about an average man who gets cancer wich due to his lowpaying job needs to find another way to provide for his family, how ? COOK METH! BLUE METH
Ofcourse this isnt an easy job, especially if your not some big mexican druglord, Walther and his buddy will come across many bumps in their path and will fix those in their own way.

3 Californication  

Imdb: Rating: 8.4/10 - 25,023 votes 
Comedy?  Yes this show is packed with funny moments!
So what's it about?
Yet another american show, about a writer who cant figure out what he wants, he used to have the love of his life until he cheated, from that time on he taps every pussy he can find in Cali but still wants to get back with his ex.

4 Shameless

Imdb: Rating: 8.4/10 - 3,627 votes
Comedy? Definitely, this is a crazy show with lots of crazy funny shit!

So what's it about?
As u might have guessed; an american show, what a surprise.
The reason this show is on the 4th place is because there's only one full season out yet, the second season is airing as we speak, the show is about a dysfunctional family in chicago with an alcoholic dad, and ofcourse because they hardly have any jobs they need to find diffrent ways of getting money.
There's way more to the show, but im trying to keep it short plus i dont want to spoil to much because every episode is pretty random and i cant tell much about it without spoiling the whole show.

5 Weeds 

Rating: 8.0/10 - 14,237 votes
Comedy? Yes yes yes, youll have a laugh watching this show, even though some jokes might not be understood by nonsmokers, youll still have fun watching this!
So what's it about?
Yes yes yes american show who cares anymore, i mean im from holland and the shows over here are shit shit shit, i dont understand french or spanish and british humor usually isnt my cup of tea so what else am i to do.
Anyway this show is about a pot dealing mom in the city of agrestic and uhm yeah that pretty much sums it up, a pot dealing mom on its own is enough to make a whole show, even though they have tried that for too long because the quality of the show went down after season 5 but ofcourse thats my opinion, it would have been listed higher if they stopped airing after season 4.

                                         William H Macy as Frank in Shameless


  1. I've heard nothing but good things about Weeds from all my friends, so I'll most likely start watching this show very soon.

  2. Such nice shows.

  3. Pretty good list I reckon :)

  4. maybe trying weeds, i like it funny :D

  5. Really gotta watch The Sopranos sometimes, heard so many good thing about it. And Weeds first and second season is fine, but it's really jumped the shark nowadays unfortunately.

  6. I have to mention Rome, Games of thrones and band of brothers

  7. breaking bad! >< mind blown at the end. Great show if you havent seen it do yourself a favor and watch :D

  8. I really don't see why people like Californication that much :/

  9. agreed, these are some of the best shows around... got to have love for frank the tank.that foto says it all ;)

  10. Breaking Bad is advertised all the time in my area, maybe I should finally check it out.

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  12. The Netflix website seems to want me to watch "Breaking Bad" really is always on the screen when I log in. Well, now thanks to you, I know what it's about...

  13. Nice toplist, i like sopranos too :)

  14. Totally agree , The Sopranos is truely a masterpiece