Friday, January 6, 2012

The sopranos

Cos sopranos kicks your ass.

Ill be putting here what i like about this show and what intrests me.
First time i saw this show was about 2 years ago.
Ive watched all 6 seasons about 3 times.
Youd think it gets boring but every time you rewatch the show you notice some new details.
Basically the show is about a gangsterfamily in new jersey around the 90's
The thing i love about this show even though you need to pay some attention to follow the storyline you can still lay back in your chair and have a beer :)

                                  Paulie Walnuts & Tony Soprano

Tony Soprano

Tony Soprano, also called Tone is the main character in this show.
He becomes after a stretch of break downs for junior(we'll get back on that later) the don of the family.
Hes a well played character, and ofcourse because he is the boss, he has an attitude and Tony's is bigger than you have ever seen.
Ofcourse he has the standard"insult me ill break your face attitude" but there is way more going on with this guy.
Ofcourse i cant get into it to much as i would spoil it for the people who didnt see the show yet.
What i can say though is that he needs a psychiatrist, as the risks of the business are taking its toll.

                                          Dominic Chianese as Junior Soprano

Junior Soprano

June, Tony's uncle even though hes not really one of the big characters in this show i already mentioned him above and he is of significant importance to the storyline.
Junior used to run the family, but he got olders, and you know what happens when you get older, you start to forget shit, important shit due to the fact he was getting older it way time for him to make way and let the next generation handle the soprano family. 

                                Steven van Zandt as Sylvio Dante

Sylvio Dante

Also called Sil or Syl is Tony's righthand or as they call it "The Consigliere"
His job is to make sure that Tony doesnt make the wrong choises, wich can lead to pretty hilarious scenes as Tony isnt the easiest person to deal with.  As a character Sil looks to be more on the sane side of the family even though there is enough sick shit going on in his life, but thats not because of Sil but the business, and if your in that business you know that shit will go down.
Shit im not gonna get into because ill spoil and i dont like to spoil, i hate people who spoil.
Bottomline: Im not gonna spoil, maybe a little bit thats not important to the storyline and wont affect the way you watch the show.
Lets just say the shit people get up to in this show doesnt always meet the light!
So if you hear me talking about "shit"  in this blog you know what im talking about; dark messedup stuff thats not to be seen to any outsiders.


  1. This show is solid as fuck, i remember catching it mid way through the series, i gotta get it on doovde

  2. Im glad ur liking it, ill start putting more stuff in sometime soon.

  3. just finished watching the series some days ago, and it's mindblowing good.

    I'M SORRY T., but now I'll make up to you! I'll follow your blog :D

  4. Great show, I rarely have time to watch it though. Maybe this is the kick I need to start again.