Tuesday, February 28, 2012

All the drama

I hardly watch any tv anymore these days, I get sick of the bullshit programming and the 10 minute commercial breaks every 5 minutes.
I usually download the stuff I want to watch and every so often there is a tv show that I want to watch. So ill download it, Enjoy it for a few minutes but me not being just to tv means me not being used to all the fukzing drama. I try to watch this show about the company somewhere in the states that makes guns. The reason I watch this show as u might have guessed is because I wanna see some gunsmithing, and then discovery channel puts in all this bullshit drama.
Like the last episode I watched, the owner of the store, he was stressed or something, so the guy goes out to smoke a cig.then his freaking daughter comes out the door to bitch at him for smoking, ok I get it its bad for you bla bla blaaa. But first of all why is his daughter bitching him around and second, why do I have to see that crap..
And shit like that keeps going on every episode, every Danny episode its something, one episode its about the guy smoking, other episode its about some employee not having his day and wanting to kill himself. Then there is this other show of discoverychannel, this show I basically about ppl trying to get gold at sea and in one of the episodes someone gets into a car accident, and they use it as a cliffhanger.
I mean I understand ppl love drama, and its all about the viewrates and shit but this is taking it to far! 
I know this post doesn't have much of a purpose I just had to get it out :)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

A gadget for on the road

A while back I started to notice I am using my phone for more and more tasks than just calling and texting. I'm actually my phone to write this, while this works fine for a short time, after about 5 minutes the small screen and buttons start to annoy me. So I thought I would be about the time to either get a new bigger phone, or maybe a new gadget like a tablet, as I will use this at work most of the time. I don't wanna be dragging around a heavy bulky laptop, I want something small and lightweight.
As far as the phone goes, there's really only one option. and that would be the Samsung galaxy note its a tablet/phone combination experiment by Samsung.
While I'm not gonna overload you guys with specs I do wanna point out how huge this thing is to be a phone. Compared to the 3.2" screen of my current phone, the HTC legend, the 5.3" screen of the note would be a huge improvement. not even to mention all the other specs that are much much better than my current HTC.
So that was pretty much the only phone that would qualify.This is by far the biggest phone that's being produced as we speak.
Moving on to the tablets
A tablet would be a nice alternative to the phone, big screen, not too heavy and so on. In comparison to my phone its pretty much the same story as with the galaxy note: everything is an upgrade!
The two tablets that grabbed my attention are the Samsung tab's and the iPads both of those seem like awesome devices. and I know that now would not be the best time to buy an iPad as the 3rd gen should be introduced somewhat soon.
To the people who own any of the devices, let me know what u think about it, and to the other peeps let Mr know what you think is the way to go and most importantly WHY?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Random post

Im at work at the moment and there is no shit whatsoever to do here.im bored dont know what to do,so i thought i should write a blog.and i was thinking about what i should post, first thing that came to mind was the battlefield3 post that i have been working on. But i need my screenshots for that, so that doesnt work out.
What does work, is a short recommendation for a good tv show that unfortunately has been cancelled after its third season. The show is called bored to death, I saw I didn't even mentioned the name yet.... and for as far as I know the viewingrates of season 3 were to disappointing for hbo to continue with it.after a little research I found out that the rates dropped from 1.1million to 240k. I personally don't understand why this happend as I was still having a lot of fun watching this show.the fact that the show has been cancelled is not an excuse for you to not watch this show! This is is a guaranteed laugh, you'll enjoy the shit out of this show. It's basically about a writer in the city of newyork who needs some money on the side. So he posted an ad on craigslist for people to hire him as a private detective. The adventures they come across while drinking lots of wine and smoking lots of weed are hilarious. The combination of Jason Schwartzman, Ted Danson and Zach Galifianakis makes sure for some epic scenes.The humor of this show isn't the typical sort of sitcom, so you might not wanna watch it with your parents. But then again that depends on what kind of persons they are. So before I start rambling about bs ill post some info and to the people that know this show already let me know what you think about this show.
IMDb rating: 8.1/10
Comedy? yes! It's full of it!