Thursday, January 12, 2012

The layover.

For everybody who likes to travel, eat lots of food and have loads of great humor added to the equation should definitely watch this show because it contains all three of them!
This show presented by Anthony Bourdain (yes yes no reservations is a good show as well) is mainly about how you should properly kill your time when your laid over in a certain city.
He usually has about 30 hours to do whatever he wants, he will show you good hotels to stay the night, bars to have a drink, and ofcourse the great restaurants, what did u think, its Anthony Bourdain....
Its just an really easy fun show to watch if you wanna see a little more than your hometown, and i think Anthony represents this in a great way because even though he's upperclass he still looks at it from a normal point of view, which i think is the best way to get your show across.
They show u nice little bits of the city which really gives u the feeling your there.

Here's a little extra info on the show.

Imdb: Rating: 8.6/10 - 34 votes
Comedy? Hells Yes! Anthony Bourdain has a great sense of humor and hes not afraid to use it!
Number of Seasons: 1
There's no storyline to the show so if you want to see a specific city you can just go ahead and watch that, list of cities he went to below:
Episode 1 Singapore
Episode 2 New York
Episode 3 Rome
Episode 4 Miami
Episode 5 Hong Kong
Episode 6 Montreal
Episode 7 Amsterdam
Episode 8 San Francisco

Click on the image above to go to the official website.
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  1. I'd recommend The Trip with Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon as well!

  2. No Reservations is a better format.

  3. really enjoyed No Reservations series..
    Haven't hear of the Layover yet.. thanks!

  4. Oh good, I'm going to Rome next month I will see that episode. Thank you.

  5. I travel a whole lot for work, so this series definitely piqued my interest.

  6. Neat looks like the kind of show I would like

  7. I have a few trips coming up for work so I will have to check this series out! Thanks for sharing.

  8. To have a life like Anthony Bourdain, consisting of nothing but travel and can only dream.

  9. Awesome, I'll have to check it out!

  10. Never even heard of this one, sounds interesting though and I agree, must be the life.

  11. just watched layover san francisco :) those burgers from sam's looked tasty !