Sunday, March 31, 2013

Game of Thrones Hbo live stream

With all the positive reactions to game of thrones, i thought id share a live hbo stream with you guys so you can watch the season premiere !


If you have any problems with the stream dont wait to leave a comment!


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Ive been gone

As some of you might have noticed ive been gone for a while, im sorry for that, i had some personal shit to work out but im back and will be putting up blogs more regulary, other than that ive not been up to much else than the daily grind, ofcourse ive been watching my series and im sad the seasons of shameless and californication are already finished, I liked both Californication and Shameless though i think for both shows there hasnt been much progression for the storyline, The Gallagher family in shameless is still as broke as they were in season one, and frank is still drinking, i thought that was funny to mention even though the goal of the show probably isnt for frank to quit the liquor, no there goal is to shock you even more like they already did, im not gonna give an example as i dont want to spoil for the people who havent watched it yet, but for the people that are planning on watching this show brace yourself this show is gonna throw a hell of a lot at you, the balance between depressive, shocking and comedy is really well done so i dont expect it to annoy you. And for californication, yeah well hank still sticks his dick in anything that moves, and writes on the side for a triggerhappy samurai ;), becca supposably grew up as the show fast forwarded 2 years, runcle and marcy got their kid, marcy and karen still dont get enough attention but thats fine, the attention that they get is funny so i can deal with it, ofcourse you still get your daily dose of comedy and tits wich makes this show great!

Okay, thats it for now, i hope you guys dont blame me for not putting up any blogs, i couldnt help it !

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