Sunday, January 8, 2012

California Lovee

 Finally January 8th!
Ok this might not include Dr Dre and not snoopdogg either like the title might have suggested.
But David Duchovny as Hank Moody greatly makes up for that!
Ofcourse the people that have seen the show know what im talking about; yes Californication.
Yes Jan 8th releasedate of Season 5.
Yes ive watched it.
Yes it was awesome.
Yes it had a lame cliffhanger at the end.
Ill try to spoil least as possible, unfortunately we didnt get to see much about hank being in new york, wich is to bad cos i love the atmosphere of new york and in my opinion they could have at least made one episode with moody being in new york, but that didnt happen hank got a phonecall from his agent Runcle to come back to Cali because he got some business offer for hank, hank being always broke bites on it and will return to Cali, all this happend in the first 5 minutes of the show.
Despite that, it was a good episode, i mean we already spended 4 seasons in Cali and i loved every single bit of it.
The thing that kind of confused me in the beginning was that everything is fast forwarded 2 years.
Everybody who didnt see this show yet i command you to watch it.
Dont start at season 5, start nicely at the beginning of season 1 as this show maintains constant quality.
Ill be doing a little story about every episode, just throwing my thoughts out there.
Theres not much happening in episode one yet wich was to be expected so i hope i got more to tell in the following episodes.

                                            Hank Fucking Moody


  1. Ill check this show if you recomending :)

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  3. Listened friends talking about this show. Maybe it's time to start watching it.

  4. Yes, I saw some of the early episodes and it seemed really fun.

  5. Nice, thanks for the share, Hank Moody is boss.

  6. Great post, glad I followed!

  7. but will he find the truth? cause you know its out there :D

  8. Starting to watch it, but first i will finish big bang theory :D

    following and looking forward 4 ur next post

  9. Nice review i'll have to check it out +following too ^^

  10. @ Fellman, its a drama/comedy guaranteed laughs !

  11. californication is one of the better show ever, and now I'm your follower since you have that good taste.

  12. I like it, but goddamn there is too much to watch and very little time