Wednesday, March 7, 2012


HOWL against the Gods: You unfair bastards. How the fuck could you let that happen? Poor girl didn't have a chance! That kid didn't deserve to die! He was so talented! He could have ruled the game! Why did you let him play!? What's wrong with you? Why the fuck are you all so quiet? Slimy fucks! I don't need you. Nobody needs you. You all don't exist. We are here and the rest is all empty space. We play until we die. That's all. That's the game we play.  
 I roar some more. No God is answering. All the Gods are quiet while people lay there dying. 
   I help some out. I ask them if they are okay. Some say they are. Most cry. Most of them cry out to you. I tell them they'll be okay. I lie. I lie because I don't want to tell them the truth. What else am I supposed to do? Tell them their fucked? Tell them life is nothing more than this filthy game we've been playing from the get-go? We can only howl and move on. 
                                          We can only howl and move on. 
   Stop the pain. It's okay. I'm sorry for the illusions of life. I'm sorry this had to happen to you mate. I didn't wanted to be like this. I wanted you to be happy. Now you are going to die. And I have no idea where you're going. I have no idea where anybody's going. 
    This one's dead. Who's alive? You there: grab your rifle, check for ammunition. No i'm okay it's just a flesh wound. Help me search for survivors.  We need all the men we can get. We don't have much time. They are still out there. They want our lives. We can't give it to them. You have to fight. We howled enough for today. 
                                           We howled enough for  today.

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