Thursday, March 1, 2012

The walking SHIT

By the title you probably already knew what i was talking about. Amc's Walking Dead, honestly how could the same channel as Breaking Bad air this piece of shit. The first season of this show was alright, i wasnt great either but it was bearable. I thought the will are probably just checking what works and what not, but the second season is even worse. The storyline is sooo predictable, woman drives off to save her man into the so called "nomansland" full of zombies, what would happen.... hmm let me think, shes gonna crash the car. ofcourse she wont die because her character is too important, so she screams, cries, and shoots a zombie in the face. And the bad thing is, this actress is shit! If her storyline was somewhat interesting i could maybe stand her tits, but this fucking sucks. Her expression is always the same, always the same empty dumb look on her face.

Happy face!

Sad face :(
Orgasm face
Face on drugs.

Well good thing for her, nobody will notice when shes smoking mad weed yo.
I dont know what to write about this show anymore, its just her face, the bad storyline, it just, it makes it really hard to have a good moment with, that said, this show is great.


  1. This season has broken my spirit....literally!

  2. I've really pretty much only heard good things about this show.

  3. I love the comic! Its way more fast passed then the show!

  4. never seen it but an interesting post


  5. I've also only heard good things about the show but personally I don't like it too.
    I love Breaking Bad though :p

  6. Hahah I quit after like the fifth episode in this season, not sure if i'll continue.

  7. I agree that the wife is horrible. Sleeping with the dude's best friend and partner was a bad start, but the rest of the show is solid, it's one of my favorites.

  8. The show is just slowing everything down so friggin much, the wife needs to die too!

  9. I haven't given up hope yet.

  10. Totally agree about this character. And I know it's the zombie apocalypse and all, but homegirl needs to eat a sandwich.

  11. Haha, yeah. Heard a lot of good stuff about this show.

  12. @Jax
    yes ive heard good stuff about it aswell, but thats the same audience that watches twilight aswell, so no comment :P

    @Jaya J
    Yes you go girl haha

    @Pat Hatt
    Yes man, she keeps a bullet in her face.

    Ur to late then!

    Yes, but i doubt that will make her a better actress lol

  13. The show is probably one of the best ones to come out in last ten years since it deals with psychological and tense situation in a very intriguing way, but we all hate and despise both Laurie and Shane and wish zombies would eat them :)

  14. I have no interest in that show.

    1. Ur just scared of zombies, bitch..

  15. it's all been a slow decline after the show's premiere

  16. This is a show that my mates have told me to get into, I love the zombie thing & really should get on the download, is it really worth the watch????